FTC Kit of Parts(KOP)

Our team embarked on a 2 month journey to help the FTC teams in India and give them a fair chance with their robot game. We designed and innovated an entire new FTC kit of parts consisting of a chassis, an elevator and an intake mechanism. All of these designs are versatile and can be used with any motor in FTC and most important they are very cheap and for the first year they are going to be free!

Details on purchase and specifications will be provided soon.

First Facilitation Centre

To promote STEM learning, we at Team R Factor have  set up our very own FIRST facilitation centre,  in the heart of Bombay: the first of its kind in India. It is here that parts, expertise, and camaraderie are shared freely among all those eager to participate in FIRST and STEM programs. Here, Team R Factor helps multiple FIRST teams – FLL, FTC and FRC teams with their robot design, construction, parts, outreach. We mentor them in every way possible. Through our First Facilitation Center, we have worked towards making participation in FIRST programs as easy as possible for all teams in our endeavour to organize an FRC India regional in the near future.


Technovanza is an annual Technical Festival hosted by the VJTI Engineering College, Mumbai.We were happy to be associate sponsor for this STEM promoting exhibition which saw more than 80,000 visitors who were completely in awe of the robots we demonstrate

See Outreach handbook for more details

FLL Kickoff

Team R Factor, in collaboration with the team Elev8 7539, organized and hosted an FLL kickoff at the Dhirubhai Ambani International School. Here more than 150 students from over 25 schools were introduced to the FIRST programs. The handson experience was super enriching for these students many of whom went on to participate in FLL.

This is just an example of one kickoff out of the many that we have done in the past. See Outreach handbook for more detail

We Inspire Minds

Team R Factor was invited to the Nehru Science Centre as a part of Global Space Week, where we organized a space-themed robotics workshop. Over 150 students from 50 different schools around Bombay had a hands-on learning experience at the event.

See Outreach handbook for more details

International Children's Festival

The International Children’s Festival, hosted at Jio Garden, was an important event for Team R Factor, as we were able to reach over 20,000 children, and cultivate their interest in STEM and robotics.

See Outreach handbook for more details

Sharing FIRST experience beyond borders

We have communicated with teams from all around the world, including an all girls team from Turkey, TechTolia, and a team from an active war zone, Libya. Through these interactions, we share expertise, ideas, strategies and stories of our journey. We are able to help others as well as gain new insights about our work.

See Outreach handbook for more details

FIRST Lego League

The number of teams participating in the FLL has increased by 50% since Team R Factor’s Inception. Team R factor has mentored more than 20 Jr. FLL and FLL teams. We have mentored 2 teams underprivileged and differently abled students, who went ahead to win the Core Values Award at the Western India Regionals in Mumbai. Along with this, we have also organised FLL regionals in Mumbai and Delhi for the past 2 years, while showcasing our robor creations and spreading awareness about the FRC.

See Outreach handbook for more details