Our Vision

To create a sustainable STEM ecosystem in our country where Science & Technology are celebrated by the various stakeholders and where the youth are encouraged to imbibe life skills and become technology leaders.

Our Mission

We aspire to:

  • Inspire the children and youth of our community and country by engaging them in STEM Porgrams like FIRST
  • Encourage hands on learning, attitude of scientific enquiry and culture of innovation amongst the youth
  • Empower the youth to explore their capabilities including self-confidence, communication and leadership

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Our Achievements 2015-2017

Quality Award

At New York Tech Valley Regionals | FRC 2017

Entrepreneurship Award

At Sydney Regionals | FRC 2016

FIRST Global Competition

At Washington DC World Championship | FGC 2017

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Our Outreach Programs


FLL Kickoff event

Children For Change

FIRST Outreach event

Equal Streets

STEM Outreach Stall

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